Design Principles

Our Design Principles:

  • Practitioners should spend more time with families, less time in front of computers
  • Technology should support social care practice, it shouldn’t just be a reporting tool
  • Decisions should be collaborative and technology should enable this
  • Decisions should be informed by data
  • Families should have ownership over their story


Moving towards these objectives:

  • Better outcomes for families (sustainable, less time in interventions, owned and breaking cycles)
  • Reduced cost (processing/admin, less back end resource, quality time on cases leading to better decisions)
  • Radically changing social work practice and enabling the rest of the country to join an innovative marketplace
  • Enabling better decisions around commissioning and strategic direction


‘Social work is not a process, it is an art, a skill, a way of working with people in crisis to help them to see their way through it and strengthen their future’ Sally Robinson, Social Care Network, The Guardian